Built for innovators, change-makers, and disruptors. 9dcc subscribes to the familiar ideals of historic luxury fashion houses and simultaneously reinterprets the codes of luxury and sophistication. The name reflects the web3 spirit at the heart of the brand - the cryptic letter and number set represents the last four digits of the Ethereum wallet of the House from which all product expressions of the brand will be born.
While innovative from a tech perspective, under the creative direction of gmoney, the new label will subscribe to the architecture and ideals of iconic fashion houses: Uncompromising choices in designs, materials and craftsmanship, illustrative storytelling, and selective distribution that speaks directly to the luxury market. 9dcc simultaneously reinterprets centuries-old traditions of house codes and offers a fresh take on fashion for a digital-first consumer, whose views on fashion and design align with gmoney's own vision of timeless style. The brand promises to constantly innovate and develop past the binary and analog.
Dancing between the digital vs physical realms through singular, surprising products and events, 9dcc will evoke an exciting and elevated experience. Let's reimagine the world of style.